What is Tagg.in? what is Taggtivity? And what can I do at Tagg.in?
What is Tagg.in?

Tagg.in is an easy way to stay in touch with your friends through FREE sms & groups (We like to call them SMS blogs). You CREATE your own group and invite people to JOIN your group. Now whenever your post an update on your sms blog (group), Tagg.in sends it to all your subscribers (people who have joined your group) 

A SMS Blog is a group or a live community on tagg.in which could be used for microblogging (life streaming), sharing info on some specific area of interest, or spreading the word on an event / activity streaming. 

There are two kinds of SMS Blogs: public and private. 
By default, all kinds of SMS Blogs are public and posts are visible to everyone. Only you can post though. 
In a private SMS Blog, your posts are visible only to those who you allow to subscribe to your SMS Blog. 
If you have joined some sms blogs, you would receive updates from them whenever those sms blogs are updated. 

All sms are to be sent to the Tagg number 09223492234 or 560700. We encourage you to save this number on your phone for easy & quick actions.

What is Taggtivity?
Taggtivity is the activity that you do in Tagg! - If you click on Taggtivity link on the top menu, you would see the activity of sms blogs that you are subscribed to (and your posts too) in a latest-post-on-top arrangement - It is an easy way to see what your fellow Taggers are saying. 
How can I use Tagg.in?

Tagg.in can be used in various different forms, sending latest updates like breaking news alerts, stock tips, sports updates - Or just keeping in touch with different groups - College friends, same interest groups or just updates like PJs, quotes & shayaris – it could be whatever you want it to be!
It becomes both economically effective & time saving when you just send a single SMS and it gets posted to all your group members

Do I need to come online and log in every time I want to send or check sms?

Although we would recommend that you come online and register (or you can also visit our mobile site http://m.tagg.in ), you only need a mobile phone to be active on Tagg. You can do most of the actions through SMS itself – using the commands (given below)

What are the different SMS commands for Tagg.in?

Here are the list of commands:

is used to create a SMS Blog.
Usage: sms CREATE SMS_Blog_name 
Eg: to create a Blog with name Maverick, send
CREATE Maverick to 9223492234

is used to join an SMS Blog.
Usage: sms JOIN SMS_Blog_name 
Eg: to join a blog named Allrounder, send
JOIN Allrounder to 9223492234

is used to invite your friends to your SMS Blog.
Usage: sms INVITE phone_no_1 phone_no_2 ... 

is used to leave a SMS Blog.
Usage: sms LEAVE SMS_Blog_name 
Eg: to leave a blog named Gurucool, send
LEAVE Gurucool to 9223492234

is used to set silent periods. You will stop receiving messages from tagg.in until you send keyword START again to tagg.in
Usage: sms STOP to 9223492234

is used to start receiving messages again
Usage: sms START to 9223492234

is used to rename a SMS Blog
Usage: sms RENAME New_SMS_Blog_name to 9223492234

is used to know the number of members in your group
Usage: sms MYSUB to 92234 92234

is used to know the number of members in a group
Usage: sms SUBS to 92234 92234
Eg: to know the number of members in a group XYZ, sms SUBS XYZ to 9223492234

is used to get help message from tagg.in.
Usage: sms HELP and you would get these list of commands on your cell – you could save this for later reference.

@ is used to send an SMS directly to the SMS Blog owner only.
Usage: sms @SMS_Blog_name 
Eg: to say Hi to ABC group owner, sms @ABC Hi

What is the share button that I see on the posts?

When you receive/see a good message, what is the best thing to do?
Share…Whatever your post would be sent to your subscribers, so when you see a good post by someone else just press the share button and it will be posted as your ‘shared post’
When you see an Icon  next to a post on web [((shares)) on http://m.tagg.in], or receive SMS from tagg.in with (sh) in the beginning, it is a post that has been shared. The group which originally posted can be seen on the top right corner of that post. The number next to the share box represents the number of ppl that shared a particular post.

I have already used tagg.in before through mobile (sms), now how do I Login/register on the web?

If you have already used tagg.in before through cell by SMS (JOIN, CREATE, etc), then, in order to login you would need to register on tagg.in using the following link http://www.tagg.in/MobileLogin.php
This link is also visible on the home page of tagg.in under the login box as
 “I was using thru mobile, now register me”

  • you would need to enter your mobile number. A password would be sent to you using which you can login and create your profile and start using Tagg.in to its full potential.
Who has my cell number? Is it safe?
Once you register your number with us, it remains as safe as it can be. You only receive sms from the group(s) you subscribe to and you can anytime leave a group or completely stop receiving messages. Occasionally we may also send SMS to you with import announcements about tagg.in [about once in 2-3 months]
Am I charged anything to use this service?

Nothing at all - our service is totally free. We do not charge anything for the services provided on tagg.in* 

How many SMS's can I receive per day?
You can receive a maximum of Forty (40) SMS's per day
Can I see the mobile numbers of my subscribers?
No. As a privacy policy, we do not share the numbers of users with anyone.
Can I change my sms blog name, email address or mobile phone number?

Yes, these details can be changed under settings link after logging to www.tagg.in 

I do not want to be disturbed by SMS from Tagg.in what do I do?

We have a Do Not Disturb list and you can submit your number to that list either by clicking on http://tagg.in/dnd.php and you would not be sent any SMS from Tagg.in (unless you activate your number again)
You can also subscribe to our DND list through 1 sms by sending
DNDON to 92234 92234
To switch DND off (and start receiving messages again), send

DNDOFF to 92234 92234
I sent SMS to 92234 92234 but nothing happened. What do I do?

Relax. Sometimes, the messages get lost somewhere between your mobile and our servers and thus you see no action happening – this may happen due to multiple reasons. We would suggest you try again after some time (say, about 15-20 mins). In case this happens a bit too often, following are a few suggestions that we make:
* Try sending the post to 560700 instead of 09223492234. 560700 is a more stable number and often works        even when the other number might not.
* Try posting through our other available options – web (www.tagg.in) ; mobile web (http://m.tagg.in)

* Write to us (mailto:contact@tagg.in) - tell us as much as you can about the mishap – mobile number used to       send, time (and date) when this was happening.
Please note:

* You may be charged for sending SMS to 92234 92234 as per the charges levied by your operator [charges for sending sms to 560700 vary between INR 1-3]

If you have further questions please contact us at contact@tagg.in 
Remember to add contact@tagg.in in your address book so our replies do not go to SPAM/JUNK folder.
To join an SMS Blog :
sms JOIN to 92234 92234
To create an SMS Blog :
sms CREATE to 92234 92234
eg. CREATE GuruCool
To invite friends :
sms INVITE mob_no1 to 92234 92234
eg. INVITE 98xxxxxxxx 93xxxxxxxx
Need help?
sms HELP to 92234 92234
Updating your SMS Blog :
sms your message to 92234 92234
eg. House party @ 9!