Night Rockers
What does it take to become a 'Night Rockers' featured user?
Here are some hints on how to reach there…
--Firstly, the obvious one, post during the night time, say after 10 PM till sunrise
--Posts that are informative, relevant get noticed.
--Tell your subscribers about yourself – through ‘about section’ or your posts
--Write a nice ‘about’ section – like telling users on what your sms blog is about and what to expect from your blog
--Upload a nice picture, perhaps of yourself, so that people look at 'beautiful you' when youreach the featured list!
--Refrain from using obscene content in your posts, profile pictures, blogname, about section or anywhere else!
--And lastly, if you didn’t make it to the featured list, don’t lose heart, congratulate the ones that did and keep posting
To join an SMS Blog :
sms JOIN to 92234 92234
To create an SMS Blog :
sms CREATE to 92234 92234
eg. CREATE GuruCool
To invite friends :
sms INVITE mob_no1 to 92234 92234
eg. INVITE 98xxxxxxxx 93xxxxxxxx
Need help?
sms HELP to 92234 92234
Updating your SMS Blog :
sms your message to 92234 92234
eg. House party @ 9!