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Njanoru sambhavamanu..
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September 30, 2011, 3:44 am from SMS
Mumbai beat chennai by 3wkts..!

Idea star singer season 5

5. Akhil
4. Antony
3. Emmanuel
2. Mridhula
1. Kalpana
September 25, 2011, 4:50 pm from SMS
Here are the signs of love. When you love someone, you see nothing wrong with them..;)gudn8:-)
September 24, 2011, 3:47 pm from SMS
3 Ways to write exam:
Look up for INSPIRATION;
Look down for CONCENTRATION;
Look around for

September 24, 2011, 3:46 pm from SMS
"An eye wit dust and a heart wit love always cries"
good nite...

sIbIn, palakkad
September 24, 2011, 3:44 pm from SMS
Aagrahikaatha manassinte sneham pidichu vangaan kazhiyilla...
Pidichedutha sneham parichedutha poovu poleyaanu...

August 26, 2011, 3:49 pm from SMS
The greatest Advantage of Speaking Truth is that U dont hav to Remembr what U Said...

Think abt it.. Strange but True.
June 5, 2011, 12:24 am from SMS
Love 2 Pple In This World d Most
1) D 1 Who Has Given Birth 2u.
2) D 1 Who Has Taken Birth Juz 4u.

G'aftrn guyz..
April 19, 2011, 6:09 am from SMS
SPEAK,only when you feel your words are better than the silence...

April 9, 2011, 12:02 am from SMS
Paranju theeratha karyangal
Kandu theeratha Swapnangal
Paribhavam Theeratha Pinakkangal

Ithalle Suhurthe, souhrdam.!
April 9, 2011, 12:00 am from SMS
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